So What?
Subject:   Presenting IT as an Option
Date:   2007-09-06 11:34:10
From:   kromano
Not only is mixing CS with other degrees a good idea but I think CS, MIS, etc. need to be offered as viable options for young women researching career paths.

I grew up in Silicon Valley with a father in EE surrounded by gadgets. I remember "playing" on his Commdore and writing a Fortran program as a game. And while I enjoyed logic and numbers in highschool, no one ever recommended a degree in CS! I was told "You're outgoing and gregarious, so how about Marketing?" or "If you like numbers, many women go into Accounting." It wasn't until I aced my Intro to IS that my teacher asked me to consider a career in IT. Granted I went middle of the road, opting for Business MIS and a minor in CS, but I've found it very rewarding.

If it wasn't for that one special teacher, I'd be an accountant now instead of owning my own software company!

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