Sending SMS Messages Using Windows XP
Subject:   inquiries bout sms messages...
Date:   2007-09-07 06:33:26
From:   EdwardChantra
i'm curently using windows xp with ,dell latitude laptop,
    what interest me
is that the featured compability of using this sms to the windows xp version that make me thinking 'hmm what's good idea!' this excite me bit coz' last time i always using sms compability via handset and fond of it

but now since my handheld been stolen it's hard for me to contact anyone if there's any emergencies etc.Ever since onward to this very moment my only communication device is only this dell laptop,and i only can send messages via email,guestbook etc.And now after i read your articles regarding this matters maybe my

    problem can be fixed
but the question is infact are the same to other users is how can i use this such devices? thank you very much for lending your ear regarding this issue...

Edward C. From: