Subject:   Thanks for a meaningful article
Date:   2007-09-10 18:56:14
From:   Indi
I enjoyed your article and appreciated what you had to say. Especially when you wrote "I realized that although we are granted many rights, they are meaningless if no one takes responsibility for ensuring they are properly extended."

It might be easy for someone to say, "Hey, the rights are there for you to take and use, no one needs to extend the right to you." But I think back to my wife's example of when she was in high school in Norwalk, CA in the mid-70's. All of the Chicanas were steered towards being secretaries and the Chicanos towards being auto mechanics or carpenters and welders. It's one thing for an adult to recognize their rights and reach for them, but kids do need that positive guidance, especially when coming from a background and culture previously denied or blocked from exercising those same rights.

I was fortunate that I had a math teacher where I went to school in Inglewood, CA who was impressed enough with my schoolwork to make me aware of a scholarship to a local university sponsored by their Mexican-American alumni association. I received the scholarship and went on to earn my BS in electrical engineering and an MS in computer information systems. I was the first in my family to achieve this (outside of Mexico that is :-). You give me encouragement to reach out to those who don't know or aren't taking advantage of their own rights.