Subject:   Enlightening...
Date:   2007-09-10 22:21:34
From:   LenaWest
This was a great perspective - not as someone who is a victim but someone who really understands her power and how that fits in with the rest of the world from a very realiztic standpoint.

As a woman of color (Latina, Native and African American descent), I completely identify with Erica.

I can remember when I was always told that working in corporate America would always mean that I have two strikes against me - I'm a person of color and a woman.

I can remember the day that I decided to drop that baggage at the depot and use the fact that I stand out amongst a sea of white males to my advantage.

After all, who do you think they'll remember? The third Bob in the grey suit or beautiful me in my red blazer? My money is on me.