So What?
Subject:   coding is literacy
Date:   2007-09-11 02:56:33
From:   hawaiikaos
This may be a tad tangential, but there has been a lot of discussion here about which disciplines or fields CS, IT, and software engineering fits into. This is a specifically post secondary argument, and frankly, mostly irrelevant.

I was plunked down in front of a Mac (with a manual on Logo) in 1983 at the age of 7 by a female librarian. I was left alone with it for a few hours. I've been coding ever since.

I've long believed that coding is just an extension of literacy. It's much like reading and writing, but a heck of a lot more interactive. To sequester the learning of it to high school or college is as about as silly as putting off learning to read until that time. Granted, not everyone needs to know how to code in society, but not exposing children early enough (before the soak up society's biases) excludes many who might otherwise take a shine to it. Learning to code also helps people to solve problems logically, to think critically, and to feel satisfaction in having created something.