I Don't Like Articles about Women in Technology
Subject:   Perspective
Date:   2007-09-12 08:44:10
From:   shelleyp
Amy, you're 23 years old, and you're judging the entire industry and others experiences based on your own and assuming that people expressing concerns are somehow not taking responsibility.

Doesn't this come across as rather insular, and frankly, even a little condescending?

Consider that it is probably many of the "women in tech" articles in the past that have helped you achieve your success today, the same as it has been the hard work of other women to give you control of your body, as well as the vote.

Most of the women in tech articles in this series, as well as elsewhere, are not by women who are saying they're failing. Many are by women who are quite successful, but are concerned about the declining numbers of women, and that measures taken to halt this decline are failing. They're discussing these issues to get others to think on the problems, and push for solutions.

Even my own 'rants', as most people would call them, at those who put out, say, books and conferences with little or no women participating has some positive effect -- if for no other reason it forces them to look at their decision process and see where it has failed. And the decisions processes have been failing.

What frustrates me more than anything on this issue is the women in technology who have been relatively successful and don't see that the state of women in IT is a problem because they, you really, aren't having any problems. You speak out then, and give those who like things just the way they are, an excuse to continue business as usual.

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