Weblog:   The Growing Politicization of Open Source
Subject:   DSSA does not discriminate among vendors
Date:   2002-08-28 08:51:06
From:   michael_odonnell
You start out with a quote that totally misconstrues the proposed DSSA as I read it:
"If enacted as written, state agencies would be able to buy software only from companies that do not place restrictions on use or access to source code."
I cannot find any mention in the proposed DSSA of restrictions on companies from whom CA may purchase software. DSSA restricts CA to only purchase full binary/source rights in software, and prohibits the state from operating with execution-only licenses to software that it does not own. That seems quite reasonable and modest to me. DSSA also allows (because it does not prohibit) CA to contract with a company to operate proprietary software on CA's behalf.

Mike O'D.