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Subject:   Dumbing it down for the ladies
Date:   2007-09-13 09:40:11
From:   jpk01
Response to: Dumbing it down for the ladies


We have to ask, though, what's the final goal - to educate students or to inflate ego?

A while back, after having been in the s/w industry for 5 years, I took a Data Structures class just for kicks. The class was based on C++. I did fairly well because I'd had many years of C++ experience, but many of the students were struggling with (and dropped out of the class due to) basic C++ syntax. Granted, this should have been mastered in previous classes, but I don't think one semester is adequate to do so.

The same prof is currently teaching the course using Python. I may have to drop him a line to see how he's doing...

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  1. Dumbing it down for the ladies
    2007-10-01 06:14:37  dieselkat [View]

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