Bringing Up Girl Geeks
Subject:   I like your thinking
Date:   2007-09-14 02:16:27
From:   KaisaLervik
I really liked your essay. I've been reading through some of the other essays, but haven't connected so much to any of the others as to this one. I don't have any kids yet, but when it happens, I'll probably want to do most of the things you do.

The first piece of "coding" I did, was when my mum, who wasn't interested in computers at all, brought home a very simple Sharp computer from abroad when I was quite small. Then I used our home computer for writing letters and doing homework. I didn't start working with IT before I got access to the internet when I was in teacher college. I was a really bad teacher, so I switched to computer science and the rest is history. But I still think my teaching background gives me a different perspective. I also like to be both geeky and stylish, I like to wear nice clothes to work, but also to have lots of intelectual challenges at work. I'll want the same thing for my daughters.

As for future kids, I'll want to tell them that using your brain is a good thing, regardles of gender and the subject they're interested in.