I Don't Like Articles about Women in Technology
Subject:   Future of Women in Tech
Date:   2007-09-17 21:10:32
From:   kathysierra
Response to: Future of Women in Tech

"Obviously, this is thanks to those who came before and laid the groundwork for this viewpoint to be possible, but to put out there that being a woman in this industry doesn't have to be a battle can only make it more appealing to young women looking to enter the field."

I can't agree more. There is still plenty of misogyny out there, but at least tech is one of the fields where the tools aren't gender-sensitive. As I've said before, the compiler doesn't care if the person writing the code is wearing a black lace bra.

My daughters would find the tech world far easier to participate in then trying to be a police officer, fire fighter, construction contractor, large animal vet, and so many other fields that can be dependent on attributes women are less likely to have-like raw muscle strength.

I can carry a pile of Python books and enough flash drives to tile my bathroom, but carry a man from a burning building? Tip a 1,000 pound cow? And being female has its advantages... in a world where the best code is 'beautiful', we know a thing or two...

Thanks, Amy.

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