10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0
Subject:   Its the meeting of culture, psychology, and design
Date:   2002-08-28 14:26:47
From:   bjsyd70
Response to: * it's an interesting example of how even leaders screw up


catch (Exception e) {

Occurs incorrectly over 40 times in in 44 java files in a project I just arrived at. If Java had unchecked exceptions, then 40 rare bugs would be gone and problems would be much better reported.

It also happened on the last project I worked on.

the goal of Architecture is to promote good judgement and discourage poor judgement.

If your culture is different this design decision may have had different impacts.

Eckel is very mature.

There is no "Screw Up" at this level.

There are only choices that end up having a real world impact.