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Subject:   I am not a tech mama...
Date:   2007-09-18 15:05:21
From:   lhawthorn
Response to: I am not a tech mama...

"As a social media strategist, I have a lot in common with your experience working in technology however, I also look forward to reading stories from women coders and developers. There's room for everyone at the table. Anything else is coming from a scarcity mindset and - if we're going to support one another like we all say we want to - scarcity, crabs-in-a-barrel tactics shouldn't be tolerated."

*Very* well put and I agree on all counts. Reading the rest of this series has been an educational and inspiring experience for me.

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  1. I am not a tech mama...
    2007-10-04 15:31:25  djmclean [View]

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