Social Engineering
Subject:   Bravo Leslie!
Date:   2007-09-18 15:12:48
From:   lhawthorn
Response to: Bravo Leslie!

Thank you for your kind words, pleia2, and for your insightful posts on a few mailing lists on which I lurk.

"Far too often I see people who take these roles become jaded with them and feel that to really be a part of the project they must more hard technical skills This is terribly unfortunate,"

Agreed, I have seen the same. It can be demoralizing and demotivating, and in the end it is the project which suffers when folks who do heavy-lifting in areas other than coding give up in frustration.

"I'll be linking to this article to inspire and encourage them :)"

That's quite the compliment - I hope the piece will be useful and helpful for them.