I Don't Like Articles about Women in Technology
Subject:   Future of Women in Tech
Date:   2007-09-20 12:04:07
From:   kathysierra
Response to: Future of Women in Tech

Perception is far more important than reality in this case. *All* I'm suggesting is that tech is a field where -- unlike the others I mentioned -- lack of physical size and/or strength is neither a real or perceived deficiency in our performance and use of tools. So, that's at least ONE hurdle that other women often have to cross, but we do not. Again, not that most actual physical hurdles can't be overcome, but even when that's true the perception persists. Fire fighting

Firefighting (and to some degree law enforcement) still have quite a long way to go.

(I don't know the validity of the story linked to below, but it looked relevant)

I'm happy to say I have three female horse vets -- all petite -- and they get by just fine by having assistants and/or asking more from the owner/handler.

Wow -- to watch one of them make an 'adjustment' to a 1,000 pound horse's spine is really something!