What Is a Portlet
Subject:   Problem in pluto installation
Date:   2007-09-22 07:16:17
From:   SriramReddy
Hi all i am new to porlets.
I have an urgent need to prepare a porlet demo
This article helped me to understand porlets.
I am facing problem in experimenting.
I did following steps

Note: I have Tomcat5.0.9 installed on my system

1) downloaded from apache site
2) Unzipped the content in to local folder "D:\softwares\Pluto\pluto-current-bundle".
3) It created a folder "pluto-1.1.4" and dumped all content in it.
4)I created a environment variable PLUTO-HOME and assigned value "D:\softwares\Pluto\pluto-current-bundle\pluto-1.1.4".

I dont know how to proceed further????????????:(

apache get started page is saying some Maven????

i dont know about it.

Can anybody say the further steps i need to follow

Your help is most happiest to me.

thanks in advance