Stretching Yourself
Subject:   never too old!
Date:   2007-09-24 20:07:55
From:   carlaschroder
You got that right, youngun! I never even touched a computer until my mid-thirties, and now as a wizened old crone of 50, I have fans and geek groupies and worldwide adoration. (well, ok, so mom sent me a nice email once from British Columbia. That still counts as 'worldwide.')

Dear Abby used to get asked "I always wanted to be a [doctor/lawyer/Lego champion of the world/whatever] but I'm already in my [fifties/sixties/hundreds], so if I start now I'll be really really old by the time I get there."

And Dear Abby always answered "and if you don't start now, you'll be really really old and you won't have accomplished anything."

Of course she didn't use those exact words, but her meaning was the same.