What Is Hibernate
Subject:   Hibernate vs EJB
Date:   2007-09-27 15:33:51
From:   James_Elliott
Response to: Hibernate vs EJB

That's a very broad question that can't be answered fully in a forum like this, but here is a brief summary: Hibernate was written in response to how awkward and difficult it was to use EJB's persistence mechanisms at the time. It was so much better that Hibernate essentially won; the design for EJB 3.0 was so heavily influenced by Hibernate that it took very little effort to update Hibernate as an implementation of EJB 3.0 persistence.

So, in the old days, Hibernate was a huge improvement over EJB persistence, and today Hibernate is one way to achieve EJB 3.0 persistence, and if you use Hibernate directly you can access a few additional features.