Subject:   Google's breakthrough?
Date:   2007-09-28 00:14:21
From:   smaaps
First of all, this article was very nice to read.

There is one thing though, that I do not fully agree with:

"Google's breakthrough in search, which quickly made it the undisputed search market leader, was PageRank, a method of using the link structure of the web rather than just the characteristics of documents to provide better search results."

I remember the day a colleague at work told me about this new web search called "goggle" or something like that. When I finally found the site and tried the search there were 3 things that made me stuck with google.

1) It was very fast.
2) It was very fast.
3) The first page was simply a logo, a search field, two buttons and three or four links. Not like yahoo, msn, fireball, etc. where the whole screen was filled with links and images and you had to scroll far down.

At the beginning the search results were not a lot better than those of the other search engines, but they were definitely not worse. And it was very, very fast.