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Subject:   RE: Help with AirPort
Date:   2002-08-29 01:39:56
From:   coyotered
Response to: Help with AirPort

Ok I was stumped all day on this one too. here's how you solve it.

your base station should be set up with NAT and DHCP. On port mapping set the public port to 80 the IP to and the private port to 80. on your web server go to the airport tab of the network system prefs. Do not select DHCP though select manual assign as the ip and for the subnet mask. Assign as the router address. (if you select DHCP and hit apply now you should get it to fill in most of this info for you. Then switch it to manual and put in the correct IP)

A couple of notes: You put because the base station will select a dynamic ip between and (it may actually only be to but put 201 just to be safe)

Second note: This is the big one, it may appear to not be working with these settings but before you tear your hair out in frustration try the following: Go to to find out your connections public ip. then access the internet from a different subnet i.e. not your airport network. try a dial up connection if you have it. Basically from what i could gather there is some type of endless loop going on until it times out. In order to access your server from with in your airport network you need to use the private ip . A neat little trick i just learned is to go under machines in net info manager and put in an entry for that serves local (just copy and change the ip and "localhost") in place of localhost you could put or or your name what ever you like. In a web browser try and you should get your site (this only works from the machine that the netinfo database resides on).

hope this helps feel free to email me if can't get it with this angleterre at


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