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  ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   missing PC DOS Boot Disk
Date:   2002-08-29 02:53:28
From:   dadoonan
Response to: missing PC DOS Boot Disk

I've found a couple different boot images. While they allow me to boot from them, they are boot disks only, they do not create the prompt to copy files to C: as described on Page 4 of the above instructions.

There is a boot image provided with the WIN98 version of VPC I have, but it is a WIN 98 boot disk not a PC-DOS boot disk. Like the boot images I downloaded, it does not create the prompt to copy files to C:.

I also poked around the connectix site and could not find the PC-DOS disk image available for download.

Can I boot into DOS in VPC and create my own boot disk? I've read through "DOS for Dumimies" and can't find any instructions for doing so?

Or do I need to shell additional money to buy VPC for DOS?


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    2003-02-27 10:05:57  anonymous2 [View]

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