To Sir, with Love: How To Get More Women Involved in Open Source
Subject:   measures of diversity
Date:   2007-10-01 14:45:45
From:   sdeckelmann
Response to: Great article!

Thanks for the pointer to that discussion. I liked this quote:

A project without diversity is a bad thing IMHO. Might as well be closed source. (from pombreda)

The pie-charts that came out of that discussion were great.

I agree about the need for mentorship. I like to focus more on apprenticeship - as is mentioned in this entry from DevChix (near the bottom) -

I was basically an apprentice in my first jobs - with more experienced sysadmins or programmers handing off small tasks for me to complete. I think the master-apprentice model appeals to me because it implies a more structured agreement between parties about work that needs to be done.

I'm very interested in the middle-school program you mentioned. Here in Portland, we've been talking about who we might partner with and what we might do to develop computer programming clubs or camps for girls. We've already got the Rock'n Roll Camp for Girls -- maybe we could develop a programming/robotics/engineering camp as well.

Love the name of your blog, btw.

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  1. measures of diversity
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