Linux vs. BSD, What's the Difference?
Subject:   What really is the difference.
Date:   2007-10-01 20:22:32
From:   strav
I perhaps read this article too much in diagonal still I wonder: what is the difference. Ubuntu isn't linux and pc-bsd neither is BSD, why compare them as archetypes of Linux and BSD?

As we all know, linux is the kernel of an operating system which comprises an ensemble of gpl licensed softwares (GNU!). On the other hand, we have the BSD family: a unix derivated kernel and mostly bsd licensed softwares (with some exceptions as well).

Now besides from what everyone knows or can learn by quickly reading wikipedia about linux or bsd, does this article brings a point on why should we consider the difference in licenses or architecture? Perhaps I've missed something here...

At first glance, this is crap.

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