To Sir, with Love: How To Get More Women Involved in Open Source
Subject:   Plan for change
Date:   2007-10-04 18:07:35
From:   sdeckelmann
Response to: Geeky women

Hi Jim,

Sorry it took me a few days to reply. Thanks for your thoughts.

To be honest, I'm not sure how to respond to some of what you've written. Your comment about wives and girlfriends did make me laugh -- I wondered what you think all the husbands of the female geeks might assume when their wives go off to a user group meeting full of men. Or for that matter, a workplace full of men -- a situation that is virtually inevitable for all of us partnered, but female, geeks.

Thank you for your offer to help -- if you want some ideas, I'd love to learn more about your group. Please email me and I'll tell you what I think. selenamarie -at- gmail -dot- com