Building an OpenBSD Live CD
Subject:   what defines "system"?
Date:   2007-10-09 10:25:35
From:   VVPointer
Response to: what defines "system"?

If by copy you meant in

Then, tar up the whole system you want on the final system, and untar it into the /livecd directory (or copy it, directories and all, as you prefer).

there is a clue in the next sentence

Copy your /var and /etc directories to /livecd/backups/{var,etc}

That means duplicate the parts of the currently running system, starting at the root of your file syste, /, that you are using to build the LiveCD in the /livecd directory tree.

For example

cp -pR /etc /livecd
as well as other cp commands


tar -cf /tmp/mytarfile /