Panther Maintenance Tips
Subject:   Great tips, I hope...
Date:   2007-10-10 19:27:02
From:   TommyDAQ
This was a great article, and I was very pleased to see that you had responded to articles as recent as earlier this year. Anyway, my home computer is an old G4 running 10.3.9 and lately it has just gotten ungodly slow - spinning beach balls all of the time, etc. I've been working w/ Macs since 1992, but ever since OS X, I've had a tech support team do all my maintenance and have never had to worry about my office machines. This article was a godsend as I had no idea how to maintain OS X. I'm running through your regime right now. Permissions repaired fine. The volume appears to be OK. But where is that S.M.A.R.T. information? I can't find it anywhere and this disk is getting kind of old and slow.

Also, do you have any other suggestions of what I can do to determine what may be slowing this machine down?

Thanks a ton! I look forward to going through more of your articles.

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