Deploying Web Applications to Tomcat
Subject:   Deploying a Tomcat webapp to "server-root"...?!
Date:   2002-08-30 06:25:10
From:   speak2mrh
Hi James,

I've developed an application ("demoapp") which during development I accessed via the "/demoapp" context. I set up Apache to allow me to have apache serve static content and pass all JSP and servelet
request to tomcat.

I now need to deploy this application on the "server-root" of a production server so that when I access "" I am accessing the same file as when I access "". From existing docs. and much trying I have been unable to do this so far.

Could you or anyone else advise on the apache 1.3 config. and the accompanying tomcat 4.04 config that I need to setup in order to get this to work the way I have described.

Many thanks in advance for any help.


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  1. Deploying a Tomcat webapp to "server-root"...?!
    2002-10-07 15:42:37  eepstein [View]

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