Linux vs. BSD, What's the Difference?
Subject:   What about printers?
Date:   2007-10-16 16:22:41
From:   sailorfej
Response to: What about printers?

I have to disagree on this point, I support both FreeBSD and Ubuntu desktops for one of my current clients, and printer support under FreeBSD using CUPs is definitely superior to printer support under Ubuntu which also uses CUPs.

The best example of this is for newer HP printers including USB, FreeBSD has a newer version of HPLIP in the ports collection than is available in Ubuntu, and if you want to support newer printers in Ubuntu, you have manually download and install newer versions of HPLIP directly from HP's website, and outside of apt. And because of the requirements of the manual install process, using apt to upgrade cups/linux system breaks the manually installed HPLIP, makes it very difficult to fix.

so in general I have to say that I would rather support printer on FreeBSD/PC-BSD desktops anyday than on Ubuntu.

My only major beef with BSD desktops is the lack of Adobe Flash support, but that is an issue for another thread.