New Desktop Face-Off: Gnome 2.20 vs KDE 3.5
Subject:   Weak
Date:   2007-10-26 00:49:07
From:   wstephenson
What a badly researched article this is. The article purports to compare a feature release of GNOME vs a major version number of KDE released almost two years ago, instead of its most recent feature release (3.5.8). Observing that 'Kopete is now a multiprotocol messenger' was news in 2002. If something is completely new to you, be our guests and take pleasure in discovering its features, but don't assume we added them yesterday.

I'm not sure what's more half-hearted, the article or the editorial process that published it. I don't often share jdub's views, but I couldn't let this article pass without criticising it either.