Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar
Subject:   Localhost only
Date:   2002-08-30 18:02:59
From:   duncan
Response to: Localhost only

For that, you need to modify the file so that Sendmail won't complain about group writable directories. The article that talks about how to do this in detail is almost ready to be published.

The short crash course that you need is to make sure that Sendmail is set up to DontBlameSendmail. The quickest way to do this is make sure that the line

#O DontBlameSendmail=safe

in your /etc/mail/ file is changed to:

O DontBlameSendmail=GroupWritableDirPathSafe

In the upcoming article, I'll show how to do this without actually hacking the file directly, but this should get you out of the gate without having to cut and past the whole article here. :)

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