Women Who Risk: Making Women in Technology Visible
Subject:   i Agree!
Date:   2007-11-03 03:44:07
From:   Cybner
Hi Tara,

I have often asked myself the same question - and received similar answers! Why is it that women often take the primary burdon of Childcare - and in my case where it is actually my husband that performs this role, the childcare still calls me with any enquiries, issues or requests? Is it society as a whole that feeds these assumptions? I think so - so perhaps education is the key?

One of the things I am passionate about is also getting all these women (and I know they exist) out of the woodwork! I am involved with an Australian based project called Geek Girl Blogs ( which is actualy looking at involving women the world over to list their blogs with us. We also aim to start posting articles & Tips to help women deal with these issues like the ones yoy have mentioned.

If you, any readers of your post, or anyone you can think of would like to have there blogs linked or contribute to any of the site content - please feel free to contact me directly or through the website.

Thanks so much,

Catherine Eibner