Subject:   YADOW2 :: Yet another definition of Web 2.0
Date:   2007-11-15 05:27:57
From:   dejudicibus
I read the article and also many other definitions of what web 2.0 is. Each one was interesting and each one was partially true, but none satisfied me. So I thought about it and at last I developed my own one. I decided to share it here for comments and criticisms. By sure it is not better than the others nor the most complete, but I think it may work. In any case it is my two-cent contribute to the debate. I apologize for my poor English, but my first language is Italian.

«Web 2.0 is a knowledge-oriented environment where human interactions generates contents that are published, managed and used through network applications in a service oriented architecture.»

Dr. Dario de Judicibus
Knowledge Management & Social Networking
Managing Consultant
IBM Italia