Using the Validator Framework with Struts
Subject:   Re :About Struts Validator Framework
Date:   2007-11-19 05:10:58
From:   java4cdcgs
Response to: Re :About Struts Validator Framework

I need some clarity on the page attribute in struts validations.
I have a page with 3 buttons. First 3 input fields and one button (first button)will be displayed in the jsp page,if i click the first button then another 3 fields and one button(second button) will be added to that jsp page , again i click the second button another 3 buttons and one butoon (third button) will be added to the jsp my Problem is : can i witre all fields validation in validation.xml.if i will write all field validations , it will check only the first 3 fields only, pls solve my problem