Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar
Subject:   10.2 as server via win2000
Date:   2002-09-01 17:56:22
From:   cyberonyx
I would like to use the apache web server in 10.2 to serve some pages etc and run Sendmail to handle email and so on....but my situation is somewhat different. I live in outback Australia, and use a 2way satelite to get on the net. its drivers are for windows2000 only. (I am definately an idiot re: win2000 networking)

I MUST use the satelites assigned fixed ip setup on the Windows machine to establish the internet connection, and then a networked mac gets access to that internet connection via ethernet. (works very well for mac browsing, and mail retrieval)....but I was hoping somebody might be knowledgable enough on both platforms to help me get windows to "tunnel"??? so that the mac is the computer that can "serve" any incoming requests to the fixed ip (not the win2000 machine)...

Is this even possible? How do you setup the pc? I dont know who to ask. maybe somebody could point me in the right direction?


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  1. 10.2 as server via win2000
    2002-09-02 13:58:51  ianwsmith [View]

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