Review: Steinberg Sequel Recording and Performing Software
Subject:   Are you kidding?
Date:   2007-11-29 15:40:40
From:   owilk
I read your review of Sequel. To say the least, I was suprised. I have had the program for two weeks and have yet to get it to work. I can find no driver that the system will function with. I even bought a computer based on their specs. CompUSA has tried to get it to work for a week without success. Could this be a prime example of putting a product on the market before it is ready?
I have gotten no help from the maker. They simply blame it on every thing but there program. The problem is every thing checks, but their program.

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  1. Jochen Wolters photo Are you kidding?
    2007-11-30 01:26:36  Jochen Wolters | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

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