Ben Long on Round-Tripping
Subject:   Roundtripping with NEF
Date:   2007-11-29 23:37:30
From:   cbarriga

Thanks for this very informative podcast.

I heard Mr. Long mentioned that he's a Cannon shooter and emphasized how we should think about grouping our edits before sending the TIFF out to Capture NX to minimize the number of masters.

My questions is this...I just got the new Nikon D300 and it came with Capture NX, but I want to use Aperture to manage, while using Capture NX to edit some of my photos. I plan to shoot in RAW/NEF. So, since I will already be managing my originals as NEF, do I still suffer the library bloat caused by multiple round tripping? Does Aperture have some kind of "pass through", meaning can it just pass though my NEF (with perhaps some of my edits in Aperture), then do my edits in NX, then back again to Aperture? I was also wondering since I understand that my edits are really just instructions tacked onto my RAW image, I wonder if NX will add to what I have edited in Aperture and vice versa? I hope I posed my questions clearly, and thank you very much in advance.