Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   Creating the Category list.rhtml page.
Date:   2007-12-02 22:15:30
From:   TechG1rl

Great tutorial, thank you for putting that together so nicely. I am working with a Ruby on Rails on Apache on Ubuntu box, so I had to modify a few things.. but it works great :)
However, the Category list and edit pages have been left for scaffold to display. I was able to create an edit.rhtml file for category that works :) But, the Category list page is too complicated for me. Does anyone have any pointers to get me started. I saw in the tutorial it says to bring up a list of all recipes associated with a category use ""

But, I am not certain how to use that command as yet. I tried the link to the ruby free book, but that is no longer available from that link. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.