Introducing Raven: An Elegant Build for Java
Subject:   Cool tools
Date:   2007-12-07 02:39:44
From:   Benoit_Guerout
Happy to discover alternatives to Ant and Maven.

First one is error-prone and hard to maintain (it 's imperative but use a declarative support : XML).
But it's easy to combine Ant Tasks to produced everything who want.

The second has very welcome standardization directory and dependency management with a easly understable declarative projects description.

About Maven major drawback, you have often to rethink your process (deploy,deliver)... because these are not suited to Maven Plugins.
You can create our own but you have to maintain it and I think, this is bug-prone as Ant...

I've just having a look to Raven and Buildr, Raven seems to be a little bit hard to read for a Raven /Ruby noob (too many think like << [{' not very undestable when who want to quicly know : "what this project produced, on what it depends on ...).

Buildr has very impressed me and seems to be very cool ...

Here is just my 2cent thoughts