Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar
Subject:   10.2 as server via win2000
Date:   2002-09-02 13:58:51
From:   ianwsmith
Response to: 10.2 as server via win2000

If you go to start/Settings/Network and Dial-Up Connections/(your satelite connection) and go to properties, select the sharing tab. I assume that you are already sharing this connection to allow your mac to access the web, etc. click on settings, and in the next pane select te servers tab. here you will find a list of well known services such as ftp, smtp, etc. (although strangely no http) with checkboxes by them. clicking the checkbox activates the port forwarding. you need to specify the IP address of your Mac for every service that you want to forward. to add http for your web server, click the add button, give the service a name, give it a port, and specify the IP of the Mac. that should get te port forwarding working on the Win2k box, any requests made to your public IP on that port will be automatically forwarded to the inside IP that you specified.