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Subject:   Who owns the data?
Date:   2007-12-09 16:42:35
From:   AndyWong
I regret I did not read your landmark article earlier. I agree almost all.
You claims
"A further point must be noted with regard to data, and that is user concerns about privacy and their rights to their own data. In many of the early web applications, copyright is only loosely enforced. For example, Amazon lays claim to any reviews submitted to the site, but in the absence of enforcement, people may repost the same review elsewhere. However, as companies begin to realize that control over data may be their chief source of competitive advantage, we may see heightened attempts at control."

I regard, the users should by principle own the data, as the users created the content. This is very simple, you post a paper note to a bulletin board, and you own the content, not the bulletin board. However, the service providers own the collective intelligence.

Google had got it right. The CEO Eric Schmidt claimed many times that Google tried hard to make the users truly own the data by providing convenient methods for the users to retrieve data and put the data to other platforms. As long as Google has the greatest assets of collective intelligence, Google is not in fear of users moving the data away.