Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar
Subject:   IMAP SSL refusing connections
Date:   2002-09-02 16:50:10
From:   mbarr
I'm attempting to add IMAP SSL on port 993, and it's refusing to run. I've compiled uw-imap, and that's working fine under port 143 (imap or imap4). I recompiled the SSL version, but it won't give a response. In order to test, I've set inetd to use the known good version of imapd, under 993. I've also delved into xinetd, and gotten IMAP working fine, but run into the same *exact* problem under port 993. ipfw (firewall) was off, and shouldn't be affecting anything. I also disabled the inetd lines, when i switched to the xinetd. Anyone have any ideas on what might be causing the problem-?

I'm getting :

Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

netcat (nc) just quits when attemptign to use either imaps or 993. (So the services lookup seems to be just fine :-)

I used identical lines under inetd, and identical files under xinetd. I copied the ftp file, with the correct path modification, and the removal of the args. They point to the same binary, so if one works, the other should...

Open to suggestions...

BTW- xinetd is not a bad option, and also shows up in 10.2 under the ps -ax|grep inetd..

Thanks for wonderful article- I've actually been doing most of this for while.. but still always helpful!