HDTV on Your Mac
Subject:   Cable/HDTV on my all in one 24 inch Mac?
Date:   2007-12-19 03:55:32
From:   saz036
I live in London and have been trying to find a usb or firewire TV card to view cable on my mac. My current Tv is so old it doesnt have a scart socket, but i refuse to buy a new LCD Tv since i have the mac. My Virgin cable box has 2 scart sockets, an optical out (audio only i think) an ethernet socket and the TV Rf out - which i am using with my banger TV. I heard that windows tv cards should work with the mac since it is on an intel chipset but that doesnt seems to be the case even after downloading the crossover driver family set and iTele. I have a Haupage DEC3000S, and a freecom usb hybrid stick as leftovers from my windows days. I do not necessarily want to have to install windows on a partition just to watch tv. Help!