Weblog:   The Growing Politicization of Open Source
Subject:   What about the quality of the open source
Date:   2002-09-03 14:29:52
From:   anthonyhunt
Response to: What about the quality of the open source

Korwin wrote: "The open source advocates say: "why buy a car that has it's engine cover welded?" Let me ask a question: "Why force the government to buy cars that were made by thousands of unknown people?"."

If you think about it you'd realise that this is what we do in any case. The difference is, how are the decisions controlled? By a board of directors telling a bunch of factory workers and designers what to do or by the workers and designers themselves in a democratic fashsion?

Korwin continued:
"Meanwhile, if we continue the car analogy - why doesn't anybody require Ford to build open standarts cars and provide their designs back to the community? Why doesn't FSF require that any car, bought by the government, to have it's blueprints published somewhere on the web? Oh, don't forget also the blueprints of the tools and machines used to build the car as well."

Because keeping these things secret is the easiest way to make a living out of them under the economic framework of American Capitalism. The only reason open source software fits into the this framework is that it is simply electronic data and electronic data costs almost nothing to dupilcate.