Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   Same as others, NO VIDEO
Date:   2007-12-21 00:09:28
From:   eia
I did follow your instructions very carefully, i got exactly the 3-banded eighth-inch and 3-plug RCA connection, but stil, all i see is very deformed pictures of the videos. There's a sound, but with it is an irritating buzz. I'm from the Philippines, our TV Signal is NTSC. I tried this on all the TVs we have at home, and they all showed the same thing. Though on other TVs, before the deformed video comes black and white diagonal lines. I really need your help. is there like something that can interrupt the signal from ipod to tv? please please help. i own my ipod for almost 2 years now but i was never able to use the tv out feature. i had a DVD jack before, but the problem's the same with it. i've been dying to make use of this tv out thing for ages! haha