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  An Introduction to Erlang
Subject:   Recursion? Goto?
Date:   2007-12-21 03:46:33
From:   GregoryBrown
Response to: Recursion? Goto?

Hi. The call to loop() is a simply a recursive call. Functional languages are optimized to handle recursion efficiently, and Erlang is no exception.

I'm mostly an Erlang newbie, so I won't venture into guessing what the optimizations are, but I will say that virtually all Erlang code you write will include recursion in some form or another.

I'm glad you enjoyed the article. I need to dig up and dust off some code that I wrote that does simplified neural networking in Erlang. If I ever do that, you'll find it under an Erlang tag at http://metametta.blogspot.com


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  1. Recursion? Goto?
    2007-12-21 18:20:52  rickhg12hs [View]

    • Recursion? Goto?
      2008-01-09 21:19:11  MattKangas [View]

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