Using Software RAID-1 with FreeBSD
Subject:   Remaining Disk Space wrong
Date:   2007-12-21 14:29:27
From:   wsoeldner
I'm new to RAID. I have set up a FreeNAS Software RAID 1 NAS in an old computer. I have two 200GB Seagate Drives installed on the array. I access it through two windows Vista Laptops. freeNAS set it up fine, and it was showing 186 (or so) GB of space. No issues there.

I was consolidating all my files off of other drives to the array when I ran out of disk space. It's possible, as I was just trying to get everything in one place to start sorting through it. Disk space used 180GB, free space 700Kb.

Since then I've moved about 70GB off of the array and I'm still only showing 706Kb free space. When I select all files/folders on the share and right-click properties, Total size of data is 111GB. When I right click the actual share it shows it with no space.

I imagine it's a sync issue, but not knowing much about FreeBSD, I'm clueless on how to fix the problem.

Thanks and Happy Holidays