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Subject:   Saving Image Of Mac OS X Disk
Date:   2007-12-24 10:00:14
From:   themacuser10410
Response to: Saving Image Of Mac OS X Disk


I think I can help a bit. I just got a trial on Nero right the minute I am responding and I just found out how to save in iso format. If you found out, then reply back to I also need some help, too.

Dont go on Nero Smart Start. Under start, go to nero then nero express. Then click options and then save tracks. That is the only way I know how. Also, it will take a while to save it. I have a 2GB ram, 2.4Ghz Computer and its taking quite a while. Also, the DVD drive is FAST.

I am running a Mac under bootcamp to run Windows. I cannot run mac os 9.2 and SheepShaver (Classic EMU) does not support 9.2. So, I am try to run a G3 EMu so that it supports!!!

I have the original install DVD when it came w/ my mac. it has two DVDs. I am not sure to extract both w/ Nero or not. . .

If you have no idea what i just said, go on AIM (download it at if you dont have it) and if i have time, i will explain. My screen name is the same as the one for here, themacuser10410.

I hope it works for you. If not, try OS x86. That is if you have an intel.


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