Blogging for Dollars: Giving Rise to the Professional Blogger
Subject:   what's the business motivation?
Date:   2007-12-24 15:53:22
From:   MasterCyril
Response to: what's the business motivation?

I have much to say about the world and government but for this Christmas financial Blog which btw I never thought I would ever blog, being 28 and not believing in this new trend of blogs here we go. First, Happy holidays to all religions. Well again our country did not apear as if we are in a great depression let alone a recession but it is a very eloborate illusion. Second, like the last six years we, as Americans been borrowing money from our credit cards and refinancing our homes. Not to mention Payday loans, aka loan shark loans. Everyday our government is still spending 18 billion a day on the war, and borrowing the money from China, to keep the United States citizens from realizing we our heading for the worse depression since the great Depression. This year though is slightly different, the Europeans since their euro is double our dollar are shopping in America through the holidays pushing it up and over and likewise this all applies with the web. Their is a slight dissapointment in both though, for some reason the web did not have the 20 percent increase in sells as predicted. Each average American already owes 10,000 on their credit card or credit in general before the shopping began. Third, gas prices are on the rise in the winter which rarely happens, and housing market is the worse it has been in 25 years.