I Don't Like Articles about Women in Technology
Subject:   The situation has shifted
Date:   2007-12-25 04:25:28
From:   aspiala
These days, if a boss makes my life difficult or prevents me from getting ahead because I'm female, I can quit, and be certain of the fact that better bosses exist out there for me to find. However, it can be discouraging to walk into conferences where you feel like the lone freak from Planet of the Amazons visiting the Planet of Men Who Only Wear XL T-shirts. (Certainly not discouraging enough to make me give up or even consider changing my career, but enough to make it annoying, and wish that would change.)
I've been wondering about the gender ratio, and while women aren't actively prevented from joining in these things, the one thing that still seems to be the case is that girls simply aren't expected to be interested in tech, and it's still only a minority of parents who would think to take their daughters to expos titled "Toys for Boys". (I remember meeting women in college who didn't know how to operate a screwdriver!)
But as more tech documentation written by women gets strewn around the web, perhaps more young uncertain girls will also get the message that coding is a pretty gender neutral activity.
So I think what Amy's doing in practice, which is moving ahead with what she wants to do despite obstacles (which IS easier today, thanks to women who faced larger obstacles before us) AND then writing a blog where she shares information about the details of what she has learned and how she did it, IS helping get more women into tech.