Integrating Tomcat with Apache Via the mod_jk Module
Subject:   whats the difference - mod_jk & mod_webapp
Date:   2002-09-03 19:52:26
From:   cothomps
Response to: whats the difference - mod_jk & mod_webapp

Apologies for making this seem difficult! Actually, the hardest part of the process (and explained in the article) is compiling the module itself. (The Apple article included a link to a compiled binary, which I hoped to do as well.)

For simple situations, either or should work just fine. However, as stated by the developers, there are often situations where you would like a choice. (The connector architectures are really a deep, dark corner of the Tomcat project.) A full, thorough discussion was presented to the Tomcat-dev list here:

As everyone will point out, choose which approach will work best for you, and test, test, test.

- Chad