ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   problems creating, uncompressing tarball
Date:   2002-09-03 22:36:59
From:   nicko5
Thank you so much for the article.

I'm having some difficulty on my installation, basing mine on comments from these discussion boards. I've done a clean install of RHL 7.3 on a separate machine, and installed CFMX there. I've created the tarball, and transfered it in several ways to my OS X machine -- once thru an intermediary FTP server (separate offices) and once through a laptop. (in both cases we FTPed the file to an IIS5 ftp on W2k).

I'm getting errors at OS X installation, such as "gnutar: Child died with signal 11" or "gnutar: error exist delayed from previous errors." Once, it made it through (some large portion), but then died.

Suggestions? I'm going to try reinstalling on the linux box, with the assumption the install went bad. is it alright to move the cfmxinst.bin file across various (MS) filesystems?


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  1. problems creating, uncompressing tarball
    2002-09-04 06:05:13  dicklacara [View]

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